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¡Hola! Manolo’s

This traditional Spanish TOMATE FRITO sauce is a true multi-purpose product and the perfect companion for pasta, rice, sandwiches, nuggets, French fries, all types of finger food, and much more.

In Spanish cuisine, this product is a must and is often used as a base for various sauces or to refine soups, stews, purees, etc. For our TOMATE FRITO, only sun-dried tomatoes are used, which are known for their bright color and intense flavor. The tomatoes are harvested at their optimal ripening point, immediately peeled, seeded and processed freshly. This gives the sauce its fine texture and full-bodied, unadulterated flavor. ¡Olé!


¡Hola! Manolo. Spanish tomato sauce. Fried tomato

¡Hola! Manolo. Spanish tomato sauce. Fried tomato