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Manolo’s Food and HOLA Manolo! differentiate themselves from their competitors primarily through their exceptional service, always striving to find solutions that meet their customers’ needs.

Our guiding principle is: “We are first and foremost a service-oriented company that offers solutions”. While any distribution company could potentionally distribute our products, our service truly sets us apart.

Our entire team is dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ diverse requests, not just through our extensive product range but by spearheading new projects and constantly seeking innovative products and ideas.

We pride ourselves on our ability to react swiftly and flexibly to any challenge. Every inquiry or request is promptly handled by our professional team of creative, proactive and highly skilled multitaskers. We are committed to providing personalized attention and finding the optimal solution for each request.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with our focus on finding practical solutions, makes us a trusted choice for those seeking efficient and high-quality food distribution services.

Success in our partnerships is not just about showcasing our products; It’s about deeply understanding and fulfilling the needs and desires of our partners and their customers.

Always ready to lend a hand, we approach problem-solving and obstacle-overcoming in a personalized manner, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the food market. Our goal is to stand out by offering unique offerings on the shelves.

We are more than just a supplier, we are a reliable partner. By working closely with each customer, we aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs and provide tailor-made solutions that perfectly align with their requirements.

In summary, Manolo’s Food and HOLA Manolo! along with our dedicated team are known as true “problem solvers”. Our commitment to delivering customized and practical solutions, combined with our focus on fostering strong customer relationships, positions us as the premier choice for those seeking a qualitative, innovative and outcome-oriented food distribution service.

MANOLO’S FOOD GmbH & HOLA Manolo! GmbH provides

  1. Product solutions and innovations: gourmet products for everyone and all tastes
  2. The best premium service for you and your team (Retail, C&C, Industry,…) with high exceptional flexibility
  3. Sustainable, top quality products at competitive prices
  4. Customized product development, swiftly introducing new product lines and packaging options
  5. Innovative/alternative/different high quality products at competitive prices
  6. Private labeling of any kind and seasonal promotional activities with low quantities
  7. 24/7 availability upon request


Manolo's Food was established as a sole proprietorship.


Collaboration with TEB

We've initiated a partnership with Taller Escola Barcelona TEB, a non-profit cooperative dedicated to integrating individuals with intellectual disabilities into the workforce.


The "& More" product range is born

Establishment of a new company "Trade & More", in Barcelona, catalyzed by the deepening collaboration with TEB in Barcelona, Spain. This synergy births the "& MORE" product line, featuring an assortment of salts and spices.


Presentation of the Persian salt block

Introducing the Persian Salt Block innovation, now available for purchase in supermarkets is presented. Perfect for enhancing barbecue experiences at the consumer level. We take pride in being the pioneers in offering this product to the market, ensuring competitive pricing.


Presence at international fairs

We've embarked on showcasing our offerings at the prestigious ANUGA, the largest food fair held in Cologne with a distinguished booth, making our presece on the global stage.


Presence at Alimentaria (Barcelona)

Our participitation at the Alimentaria Home Fair in Barcelona underscores our commitment to the food market. Notably, our Salt-Block garned attention and was featured on the esteemed Spanish national television program TVE, "España Directo".


Support to the Special Olympics

Manolo's Food extends ist support to the "Special Olympics World Winter Games" held in Schladming (Austria). Additionally, we showedcased our "Sweet & More" product range at events like the ISM FAIR in Cologne, underlining our dedication to inclusive initiatives and innovative offerings.


Johann Lafer likes our products

Renownend chef Johann Lafer chooses Manolo's products for his esteemed Michelin-starred kitchen, a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence in culinary offerings.


We guaranteed supply during the COVID pandemic

We ensured continuity by addressing shortages in the retail sector. Our swift response included supplying essential products such as flour, vegetable oils, pastas, canned goods vegetables, rice, salt and notably dry yeast. With efficiency and agility, we provided timely solutions to meet the evolving need of our customers.


Business consolidation

Building on our successfull track record, we've achieved sustainable growth by consolidating both our customers base and business volume. Post-COVID, we remain steadfast guaranteeing the uninterrupted supply of products to our valued customers, further solidifying our commitment to excellence.


Ukraine-War - Guaranteed supply of Vegetable Oils

Admidst the challenges posed by shortages in the retail sector, we swiftly responded by ensuring the supply of essential items, such as vegetable oils and flours, from the very onset of the Ukraine conflict.
Additionally, in April 2022 we joined forces with the carrier "Platzer Spedition", to donate four fully-loaded 4 trucks comprising a variety of food, beverages, clothing, and other essentials. This collective effort aimed to provide much-needed support to the Ukrainian population affected by the war.


A year of milestones at Manolo's

• Introducing the vibrant new TEX-MEX line "LA FIESTA MEXICO", bringing a Mexican fiesta right into your kitchen.
• Welcoming the establishment of "HOLA Manolo! GmbH", a new addition to the Manolo's family.
• Relaunch of the "& More" brand with the exciting launch of "PURO MUNDO".


Introducing our latest addition: Subyou Subme Sauces!

Elevate your meals with our range of sauces, crafted perfecty for sandwiches, burgers, wraps and salads.
Explore 4 delectable flavours: Chipotle Southwest, Honey Mustard, Sweet Onion, and Vegan Allioli.


We're proud to collaborate with NGO Plastic Bank!

With every purchase of Subyou Subme sauces, you're not just getting great flavour - you're supporting a cause. Plastic Bank is dedicated to removing plastic from our oceans, making a positive impact on our planet's health.